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A Remarkable Thought short story fiction writing contest

Short Story Fiction Contest

contest fiction short story Apr 24, 2021

ENTER A Remarkable Thought Short Story Fiction Contest 2021

If you bake a cake you want someone to eat it. If you say something you want someone to hear it. If you write want someone to read it. -J. Amerine “Stolen Jesus”

Podcast hosts and published authors and speakers, Jami Amerine and Katie M. Reid, in cooperation with, are hosting a fiction writing contest to inspire you to share your words with the world in a short story format. 

Contest Timeline: April 26th-May 28th 2021

Entry Fee: $25

Contest Guidelines:

  • Open to adult and young adult fiction writers (ages 15 and up) in the U.S. and Canada
  • Listen to a few episodes of “A Remarkable Thought” podcast to get a feel for what we are looking for (we recommend you listen to Episode 1: Balanced Blair and Episode 6: Lottie Wins the Lottery)
  • Leave a rating and review of “A Remarkable Thought” podcast on your podcast app. 
  • Write a 1200-1800 word original fiction story (that engages the mind and lifts the spirit!) and submit it for the contest. You can enter more than one story, but there is a $25 entry fee per story so you will need to fill out the contest form each time you submit. *see formatting below
  • Have a moral to your story that can be turned into a quality question (you’ll see what we mean when you listen to the 2 podcast episodes).
  • No vulgar, divisive, or graphic content
  • Fill out the contest entry form through the link below and submit your story and contest fee between April 26th-May 28th

Story Formatting:

  • 12 point Times New Roman
  • Double spaced
  • Author’s first and last name and page number on every page.
  • Save as a .docx file 
  • Please include a cover sheet with the name of your piece, your name, and your email address (see example:)

Jane Storyteller

A Piece of Cake for Each

 [email protected]

Contest Prizes:

  • Up to 8 winners will be selected by the “A Remarkable Thought” contest committee and notified by email by June 10th, 2021.
  • The winning stories (top 8) will be featured on Jami Amerine’s popular website and will also be read on “A Remarkable Thought” podcast in July and August 2021 (winners can choose to read their winning story for the podcast or have one of the podcast hosts read it). 
  • First place winner will also receive $100 cash prize via PayPal
  • Second place winner will also receive $75 case prize via PayPal 
  • Third place winner will also receive $50 cash prize via PayPal
  • Each winner will receive an audio clip image and static image of their episode for promotional purposes. 

This is an excellent opportunity to reach readers, listeners, and publishing professionals. At the bottom of each of the winners’ permanent podcast/blog posts on Jami Amerine’s site, we will include your bio, website, and social media links. The panel of judges will include published authors and other literary professionals in the industry. Jami and Katie will be sharing the posts with their audiences, including an email blast for each. 

We can’t wait to hear your unique voice and storytelling abilities!  

Happy Writing! :-)

*Terms and Conditions 2021 A Remarkable Thought a production of

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