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There is Still Specialness to be Seen, Taught, and Had

honorable u parenting Jul 07, 2021
Sam: Why can’t it be my birthday every day?
Me: Well, you were only born on one particular day, that is the day we celebrate.
Sam: I think it would be more fun if it could just be my birthday any day.
Me: Hmmm. I get that. Birthdays are fun. But what about the specialness of that one day, that one occasion that means more than the other days?
Sam: Well, I could just decide they were all special days?
Me: You could tell yourself that, but would you not want some kind of special recognition on the actual day you were born?
Sam: I think I get it.
Me: I think you do too. If all of the days are special for no special reason, none of the days are all that special.
Sam: (walking away) That was some good motherin’.
Yeah well, 26 years of practice.
The moral of today’s Sam-wiseness is simply this, society is loud. Exposure to the “elements” affords us glimpses at things run amuck.
I propose, there is still specialness to be seen, taught, and had.
Our cyber world encroaches on some of what we held sacred and dear. Blazing opinions, rants, and deconstruction of our past war against who we hoped we might be, whom we hoped to help, who we want to protect.
Yesterday someone commented on a post of mine and asked if I was “conservative.” I am not a fan of such labels, so I responded, “I am a Christian author and teacher and I encourage an individual relationship and love with our heavenly Father.”
She responded, “Ew.”
Yeah well, just doing my darndest, girlfriend.
While some might consider my description of self “special” and others might consider my description, “ew,” I choose specialness. I know what is important to me and why.
Most days I know what day it is and if it is or isn’t special.
We are a society of labels and brands. Wednesday is hump day, and we are almost to Friday which leads to our favorite special days, Saturday and Sunday—only to lead us back to the dreaded Monday.
All this to say, my friend and co-author, Katie M. Reid, and I developed a workbook, called, Honorable U. It is our firm belief that there is still specialness to be seen, taught, and had.
In a society that is suddenly “wheels off” we have developed, Honorable U, an easy, freeing, and in-depth study to help you navigate “The Talk” with your family.
Our goal is to prepare, empower, and protect families. We believe part of this lofty goal is to teach the specialness of intimacy. Not from the perspective of should and shouldn’t or don’t or else, but from a place of love. A love of self, a love for our Creator, and a love for others was the charge left us.
Teaching love?
Yeah well, if not we who were created by Love, then who?
Visit and teach the specialness of love.
Change Your Mind, Change Everything,

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