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Parents... never fear social media again.

Join our revolutionary approach to navigating the online world and equipping our children to THRIVE within it.

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Tired of fighting with your kids about social media?

Nervous about your kids logging in?

Ready to stop being gripped by fear when it comes to technology?

You wouldn't give your child the keys to a car before going through driver’s ed, so why would you hand them a phone without training them how to use it wisely?

 Whether your child has yet to log in or has multiple user names, we will show you how to experience more peace and less panic when it comes to your kids and social media.

Discover how to:

Exchange arguments for an altered outlook when it comes to screen time... so the whole family can live in harmony!

 * * * * *

Discover how to address sticky situations as your child grows and gains more internet access... so they can stay safe without you hovering.

 * * * * *

Choose conversation over contention as you learn to come alongside your child and equip them instead of trying to control them... so you can enjoy a trusting relationship instead of arguing.

 * * * * *

Unlock effective strategies to connect with and train your child how to use technology for their benefit instead of consequence... ensuring a lifelong positive relationship with social media!

What Are Real Moms Saying About SocialWised U?

Becky Kopitzke

Mom of 2 girls (ages 13 and 10), author of The Cranky Mom Fix, Generous Love, and The SuperMom Myth

Wow. Mind blown! SocialWised U opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching not only social media but also thinking and communicating with my kids in general. As a parent, my goal is always to equip and empower my daughters to make smart choices. This course provides the science behind HOW we make those choices in the first place, so I can nurture and protect my kids from the root. We don't need to fear the nasty influences out there. Instead let's teach our children to be a part of the solution. Highly recommend SocialWised U for any mom or dad looking to help their children navigate this world with wisdom.

Quantrilla Ard

PhD, mom of 2 princes and 1 princess (ages 11, 9, and 5), www.thePHDmamma.com

SocialWisedU is an innovative, engaging way to rethink your child’s relationship with social media. Drawing from the field of neuroplasticity (a big word for how your brain works and organizes things), Katie and Jami do an excellent job of helping parents understand their role in their children’s success or lack of success on social media. Jam-packed with practical wisdom and personal experience, this e-course will encourage you and provide the tools you'll need to make an informed plan that works for your family.

Shelby Spear

Mom of three 20-something kiddos, co-author of How Are You Feeling, Momma?

SocialWised U is a game-changer! If you are a parent who feels overwhelmed and worries about the influence of social media in your child’s life, this course will bring new understanding and insight on how to work together to make social media an enjoyable and safe experience. Jami & Katie are fun and relatable and have come up with tools that will revolutionize the way you see the world around you.

Stop fighting with your kids...

and start fighting FOR them instead.

Social media is a source of contention in most households. It doesn’t have to be that way! In the online maze of real vs. fake, we need to know how to spy authenticity. In order to do that, our minds have to be organized. We'll show you how, through fun, easy, and memorable strategies, so you can tell social media what to do instead of letting it boss you and your family around.

Inside this pioneering course for parents with kids of all ages, you will gain access to 7 valuable lessons, each including:

Image-Driven Videos

These parent training videos are FUN to watch and packed with insight to help you better understand how your child's mind works and how you can train it to recognize real vs. fake, safe vs. unsafe, and wise vs. "Oh... my..."

Teen Talk Videos

This is where mama Jami gets real with your teens and shares her wise yet relatable advice on how to navigate the jungle of social media. Your teens will be equipped and encouraged to face social media with confidence.

Activity Guides

Each lesson provides a printable PDF containing a summary, space for taking notes, and special activities to enjoy with your children that are designed to apply what you've learned and pass it on to your kids.

Downloadable Art

Download original wall art, designed by Jami, for younger kids and teens. Each poster can be displayed at home or in your child's locker to reinforce what your kids are learning.

Phone Lock Screens

What better place to display a reminder of wise social media strategies than on your phone itself! Perfect for parents and kids alike, these fun lock screen images will serve as regular reminders of socialWISE choices.

Engaging Characters

Meet Iris and Ronnie, designed exclusively by Jami to engage younger children in important concepts. In each Activity Guide, Iris and Ronnie appear with memorable words of wisdom!

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Ginny Davidson

Mom of 2 girls and 1 boy (ages 12, 10 & 7), www.ginnydavidson.com

Jami and Katie make the complexity of parenting in social media simple in SocialWised U. The practical, informative, and story-filled creative course is much needed in our time. Jami’s calm voice paired with Katie’s energy, is a fantastic combination to tackle a topic that can bring anxiety! After the first sessions, I’m feeling hope and more equipped navigating social media in raising my kids.

Renae Fieck

Mama of 3 young children, podcast host of Rising Moms, www.renaefieck.com

I'm so excited and thankful for this course to gain the tools and knowledge to navigate social media and technology with my kids in a way that's built on trust, independence, and safety. After just the first module inside SocialWised U, I know that this course will give my family the tools to navigate our ever technological world in a way that empowers them to utilize technology, rather than being controlled by it.

Carey Scott

Mother of two, author of the books Untangled, Uncommon and Unafraid

Loved this. Not like anything I have ever seen or heard. The teachings were engaging and hilarious, touching, thought-provoking—a transformative message. I can’t say enough about this course. It’s an entirely new way to parent online or off.

Meet the Course Creators

What if we told you...

...that we could spare you and your family some of the trials and heartbreaks that social media causes?

...it is possible to stop social media's influence and dominance in your household?

...and that everything parents are fighting for, innocence and safety for their babies, is not found in a specific internet filter or tracking device but is actually held in three parts of the brain, a brain that is confused by a universe where it cannot decipher reality from illusion? 


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A Revolutionary Approach to Internet Safety

“We don’t even realize how hard it is to control something like social media when our subconscious is battling to stay in the comfort zone. When we are doing this, we aren’t really safe at all. The methods of internet safety are being operated by minds that are in a constant state of fight or flight. In that mind space, we are just trying to survive, do what it knows is comfortable and habitual. And especially young minds, in this state, make desperate survival instinct decisions. Which makes parents afraid, resulting in more fight or flight, and more desperate decisions are made that further confuse the situation. So Katie and I created this ecourse, using the methods we have been using in our own lives and the lives of our families for for years now. Organize and change the mind, change everything.” —Jami Amerine

What are you waiting for?

For less than a month’s worth of Starbucks, you can completely change the trajectory of your family’s digital footprint. Now is the time to invest in empowering your children online and off, no matter what app happens next.

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Four Payments

$32 ea.

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