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SocialWised U

SocialWised U is a 7-part e-course on a mission, to “Prepare, Protect, and Empower” families with dual citizenship in the real and cyberworld. This course was designed with the sole purpose of gifting your family with the wisdom of how three parts of the mind work, while simultaneously teaching principles that will guide you and your children toward a healthy relationship with social media and each other, while creating a balanced and effective social media presence. 

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I Am: Bonus Unit

Pump up your SocialWised U toolkit with the “I am” Bonus! Included in this bonus material is a mini-lesson by Jami Amerine about a technique she has used for more than 20 years to empower her family. Using “I am” declarations, Jami testifies to the power of speaking truth and the relevance of body language on reaching goals and staying safe online and off. You’ll also get 31 printable “I am” affirmation cards to print and use with your children to help apply what you've learned.

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Honorable U Workbook

Honorable U is a 75-page interactive PDF workbook designed to empower parents of tweens through young adults to engage in confident conversations about sex, intimacy, and the true meaning of purity, which has been negatively impacted by popular "purity culture." In this enlightening and practical workbook, parents will discover how to talk to their kids about sensitive topics in a way that the kids can relate to, equipping them to make God-honoring choices in an "anything goes" world. 

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Jami's Books

Learn more about Jami's heart for family, wellness, and the real Jesus.

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Katie's Books

Discover hope for your hustle and a sweet holiday rom com to encourage your heart.

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